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Flavors and Options

Flavor options are ever evolving as I experiment more.  If you have your own idea, please talk to me so I can make it happen!

Cookie Flavors


When in doubt, go for vanilla! Timeless flavor.




Vanilla image


Simple and yums




Cocoa image

Honey Coffee

Slightly softer than my other cookies. Soft sweetness of honey with a slight bitterness and aroma of coffee.




Honey Coffee image

Green Tea

A bit of "grownup" flavor of green tea. Actual ground tea leaves in the cookie!

Green Tea image

Japanese Red Bean Paste

If you want a little adventure, here is one for you. Traditional Japanese red bean paste (which I make) folded in the dough.

Japanese Red Bean Paste image

White Chocolate Walnut and Cranberries

With bits of walnuts and cranberries scattered all over, this cookie has a little bit of white chocolate everywhere you bite.




Tree nuts

White Chocolate Walnut and Cranberries image

Earl Grey and Orange

Very elegant flavor. Infused with orange flavor, with finely ground tea leaves folded in the dough,

Earl Grey and Orange image

Lemon Cardamom

With lemon zest and warm aroma of cardamom

Lemon Cardamom  image

Chocolate Chai Shortbread Cookies

Getting fancy! A bit more butter, no egg


With lime zest and optional almond bits

Lime image


A bit puffier than some others. Lots of spices and and lemon zest.

"Peanot" Butter

Instead of peanut butter, I could use either one or combination of almond butter, walnut butter, and seed butter.

"Peanot" Butter image


Sneak in some vegiges in your treat! Naturally specked green. Somewhat healthier option.

Pina Colada

Made with partially coconut oil, some bits of coconut and pineapples inside. Infused with pineapple flavor.

Mint Chocolate

Mint Chocolate image

Rose Cardamom

From level 1 (just a hint) to level 3 (intense).

Rose Cardamom image

Honey Lavender

Honey Lavender image

Cherry Chcolate

Carrot Cake


I have a child and husband with severe food allergies, and some of my kid's friend do not eat eggs for cultural reasons.  I would LOVE to give the cookie joy to everybody because NOBODY should miss out because of dietary needs!
I will do my absolute best to accommodate your dietary needs! I am a cottage food operator, which means I make everything in my home kitchen. This means that your allergen may be present in our kitchen but I will be super vigilant for cross-contamination and will share all the ingredients information with you. It may take a little longer to gather the ingredients and may alter the price, but if you have a go-to ingredient you'd like me to use (for example, use the plant butter brand A, not B), I would love to discuss so you are as comfortable as you can possibly be. Please send me a message through this page, or through Facebook Messenger for any inquiries.

Dietary Options

Dairy Free

Milk can be replaced by plant milk such as almond, coconut, soy or oats. I can use plant butter, shortening, coconut oil in place of butter. I tend to like to combine the 'butters'.

Egg Free

Eggs can be substituted with a vegan egg replacer, "chia egg", "flax egg", applesauce, or the combination of. Icing with high contrast color tends to bleed much more with eggless icing, but I am experimenting to see how I can overcome this. Simple designs recommended.

Gluten Free

Commercial gluten-free flour is available.


Combination of egg-free and dairy free! **I cannot accommodate true or extremely strict veganism. My vegan products are vegan for not containing eggs or dairy.

Let me know!

Allergies go waaay further than just the major allergens. If you have any allergens, please do not hesitate to talk to me.

No-Butter Cookies

I can use canola oil instead of butter for a somewhat healthier option. There is a risk of the decoration getting slightly blotchy due to 'butter bleed' when the oil content is high.

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