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Bobbin Winder!

To replace my old bobbin winder that I bought two years ago and stupidly mishandled, I got a new one!

These things are metal but that doesn’t mean the’re indestructible…I had dropped my last one so many times that the rod got bent and didn’t wind nicely (though it was fun to watch).

This time I got one from Leclerc and I think I like this one a bit better.

The last one was a Swedish bobbin winder which had the crank parallel to the bobbin–somehow this was awkward for me.  Also the clamp was only about an inch wide.

This one fits so much better on my craft table, though i need to get more of those felt nibs; these (and last) clamp drill through particle boards like crazy.

Just in time to wind up some handspun merino singles I’ve been spinning!

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