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Illustration : Miscarriage

Today will be a serious piece (for once) and not a comic. In honor of our Little Button, who did not make it past 6 weeks in my tummy, I present this little drawing that I did while I waited at the hospital—foolishly forgot my pencil so this was a one-shot drawing—so I can send a message to all those who experienced this sad event.You are definitely not alone. I don’t want to scare anybody because I had absolutely no complication or worry with Biscuit throughout my pregnancy, but surprising number of friends either told me that they have gone through it or know a few friends who have gone through it.Please cry. Please mourn. Please take the time you need to heal. But please do not feel isolated. Please do not blame yourself. I am telling this to myself as I try to heal. It is not easy. It will take time. But please know that miscarriage is nothing to be ashamed of or nothing that you need to suffer alone. If you have a friend who went through this, please give them a silent hug. Hugs—physical, verbal and digital is what has been keeping me from nonstop tears for the past few days. We don’t even need any words, explanation or justification. We know in our heads that it was nothing that we did. All we need is an extra love to get back on our feet, and start stepping forward. In memory of Little ButtonSept-Oct 2016.

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