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Little introduction

Well hellooo.

This is AZURE from YOROZU.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy my cookies or textile or art! As you can tell, I am very much into making things. Anything really, from illustration to animation to food to woodworking to textile. Some I am more confident than others, but making things by hand from scratch has always been a thing.

I try to keep my ingredients as clean as I can, meaning I try to stay away from a lot of milti-syllable scientific sounding ingredients in my food. Sadly it is near impossible unless you raise your own cow and churn the butter yourself, make all the natural food colors by hand, etc. Not all of them are even bad, and I am not a complete “NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS IN MY HOUSE WHATSOEVER!” person, but I do my best where I can.

I hope to provide the most home-made tasting (good) cookies with lots of flavor but not just a pile of sugar, and of course, pretty. To add to that, one of my missions is to get as many people to enjoy the treats, which includes people with food allergies. You may have seen this elsewhere on my site or posts, but both my husband and my younger child have severe food allergies, and it always breaks my heart to refrain them from something tasty. I’m sure all allergy-parents has felt their heart sink every time they have to say “No, honey. You can’t have that birthday cake at your friend’s party because it has eggs in it”. I am always learning more, but I have a bunch of allergen substitutions up my sleeve after pretty much making everything for my family for many years. Please feel free to message me any time so I can make that sadness into a happy smile.

Have a great day!

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