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Store Policy

Customer Care

Please feel free to message me via the CONTACT page, or to message me via any of the social media.  Or, if you know me in person, just poke me when you see me.

Allergy Risk

I will hereby swear that I will treat every order with dietary restriction as if I am feeding something to my child with multiple allergies.  If you know anybody who may consume your order have allergies, please let me know so I can add extra caution.  All my products will come with labels, and I will list everything I use on it.  However, cross contamination is not 100% avoidable.  Allergy sensitivity is different for every person, and some may be ok with a few dust of gluten on it, some may react to a single speck.  I will clean my tools and surfaces and pay the closest attention for any contamination, but for those who are hyper sensitive may still react.  Again, I will list all the ingredients I use, but beyond the labels of the ingredients I use,  I have no control over how the ingredients have been manufactured.

I cannot take responsibility for any reactions that may occur.  If you have a very severe food sensitivity or allergies, please make sure to test for reaction before consuming the whole thing (we call it the 'itchy test' in our family).

Payment Methods

-Credit / Debit Cards
- PAYPAL/Venmo/Zelle

- Offline Payments

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