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  • Who are you?
    I am an animator and storyboard artist. I've worked on TV shows, commercial shows and Netflix shows, etc. When the pandemic started and the kids were home, working got very challenging, I turned to something I can do on my time.
  • What kind of cookie cutter shapes do you have?
    I have way too many cutters, but I seem to always get orders of shapes that I don't have. AND THAT IS TOTALLY FINE because I have a trusty 3D printer, and I can cut my own cutters. By the way if you need any, I can sell those too.
  • Are you....qualified to do this?
    I have studied, taken the test and have obtained the Food Manager's Certificate and Food Handler's Certification. I have a Cottage Food Operator license for New Jersey State. I have my business registered. So yes! I'm actually legally qualified :)
  • How should I store them?
    If you know you want to keep the cookies for more than a few days, stick them in the freezer. According to the web, you can keep them in the freezer for a few months without compromising flavor. If you are doing this, best to keep it in the package and put it in another container to avoid freezer smell to get to them. I haven't tested myself, but I read that storing in the fridge will make it go stale faster. If you're going to have them in few days, countertop should be fine. If you want to preserve color, I would avoid direct sunlight.
  • How long are they good for?
    According to the web, its probably edible for quite a while. I mean, if you see clear signs of mold or anything, definitely don't, but it is unlikely that it will start doing that in few days. They may start getting a bit stale after a week or so, but probably best to eat within two weeks. The decoration may run or 'bleed' colors if you leave out too long.
  • Where do you make all these?
    All in my home kitchen!
  • Why can't you ship?
    I had to ask this question myself so I had to make a few calls, but this is the answer I got: Because Cottage Food Operator's kitchen is not inspected by the Health Department, and because there is no real way to monitor how the package gets handled in transit, there is a potential higher risk that things 'may go wrong in transit'. I guess it is a way to avoid unnecessary food-borne illness.


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