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Welcome to YOROZU

YOROZU : Ten thousand, myriad, various, everything, all. 

YOROZU provides anything from illustrations to handmade textiles to baked goods.


As Green as Possible

I am all about sustainability and going green.
I care about the earth for all our children and their children.

I do my best to find either recyclable or biodegradable source cello wraps and single-use gloves for packaging and preparing. Any compostable items used in the process of my cookie production are composted in our compost bin or fed to my worms, recyclable plastic films and other recyclable items are recycled.

Some fruits and herbs used in the recipe may be grown in our back yard!

Menu - Mini.jpg


Owner and Maker. I'm the only one making the actual food.

Originally a TV/Web animator and storyboard artist. Worked on some Netflix shows, Sesame Street, and various US and international TV and web commercials. Animation, illustration, design, comics; any sort of drawing is what She does.
She loves to make things, and that is not limited to drawing. Fiber arts including knitting, spinning, weaving, sewing, and embroidery are some of the 'making' she loves. If something exists she wants to make it from scratch.
Mother of two girls, Biscuit and Muffin. Have always liked food and cooking, but after she found out Muffin's food allergies, her making passion extended to cooking and baking everything she can so she doesn't have to exclude Muffin for her dietary needs. Her goal is to be able to help provide kids (and grownups!) with all the possible food-fun regardless of their needs.


Moral support and bringer of unexpected challenges

The first child. If she didn't request Azure to make a Raya the Last Dragon cake for her 8th birthday, she wouldn't have gotten into this whole cookie thing. Biscuit may contribute to design or color ideas but will not be making the actual products here until she is old enough to be considered an assistant. She may help with the cleaning up (not the sanitizing etc) and put stickers on if Azure can get her to listen.

"Bu" aka Daddy

Moral Support and Taster

The husband/daddy. He is an animation director and makes cool kids' shows. He is usually the first guinea pig of Azure. He somehow manages to remain very supportive of every crazy craft endeavor Azure takes off on. Former "Etsy Boyfriend", now an "Etsy Husband". He started baking a little himself, and can come up with some crazy flavor combinations and design ideas, His sandwiches are b*tchin' he should just open a sandwich shop himself.


Bringer of Chaos (mostly in a good way...I think)

The second child in every way possible (if you know what I mean). Has a bunch of food allergies and hopefully appreciates the "Muffin-safe" food Azure makes. If it wasn't for her, Azure probably wouldn't have "studied" food and baking this closely. She randomly drew an adorable bluejay that became the BooJay Studios logo. She couldn't say "bluejay" and called them "boojay". Her favorite stuffy Sheepie (depicted in Azure's portrait above) is even wackier than her, her parents do not know how to handle Sheepie.

I have worked on:


  • Sesame Street

  • China, IL

  • CHOZEN (Pilot)

  • Mad TV

  • Sid the Science Kid

  • Electric Company

  • Ugly Americans

  • Goldie and Bear




  • Sweet n’ Low

  • Perdue Chicken

  • (International)

  • Target


  • Salesforce


  • Sesame Workshop

  • BrightWise


  • HOME

  • Turbo F.A.S.T


  • Bubbles And Me

  • May Day

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