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Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

Chocolate Popsicle two ways!

Both my kids seem to like chocolate, and ever since I accidentally discovered this "hack" back when my younger was still allergic to milk, I have been making this every summer.

Method 1 is super easy. You do need to get some sort of Popsicle mold. I have used both the ones in the photos or one of those "baby" ice pop molds for tiny ones; both work fine, just the latter may give you leftover "batter"

All you need is a pack of chocolate pudding mix from the store, Follow the direction on the box to make the pudding, but instead of setting it in the fridge, pour it in the popsicle molds and freeze them.

I cannot remember why I decided to freeze it one day...I vaguely remember having one of those store-bought chocolate popsicles and thought "huh it tastes pretty much the same" and experimenting. Anyways it was a score because I found this out back when my younger was allergic to milk and I just found out that I can make chocolate

pudding from a box (some may contain milk) and make it dairy free by just using alternative milk,

Ok then let us move along to the FROM SCRATCH recipe.

Ingredients for around 12 standard size popsicles.

2 1/2 Cup


1/3 Cup


1/3 Cup

Cocoa Powder

3 Tbsp


1 Tsp

Vanilla Extract



1/2 Cup

Chocolate Chips

Before I move on further, a note on chocolate: honestly any chocolate should do. If you like darker ones, get dark chocolate, if sweeter, semi-sweet, orrrrr whatever you have on hand.

  • Mix the sugar, cocoa powder, corn starch, and salt in a pot and mix it up well.

  • Turn on the heat and add milk, little by little. If you dump too much milk in one go, the mixture would clump, big time. If you need to pass a clump through a mesh, go for it. You really don't want clumps in this as they will wind up in the Popsicle. Keep on adding little bu little until all the milk is in the pot. Mixture will start like a paste then more like chocolate milk. If you could mix with a whisk while heating, it will help.

  • Two options here: either dump the chocolate into the mixture and heat the whole thing until the chocolate is completely melted, or kick start the chocolate melting in the microwave (put them in a microwave safe bowl and zap 30 seconds at a time (mix in between) and then add it in the mixture.

  • Keep heating while whisking until it starts to bubble, then let it cook for a few minutes, still consistently whisking. The mixture will get much thicker, The goal (especially if you're making pudding) is the "mixture will coat the back of the spoon" consistency, but if it is slightly thinner than that it won't be a huge mistake, as we are freezing this. Mix in vanilla extract. You can see how thick the mixture gets.

  • Pour the mixture into the mold and set the sticks.

  • It is probably best to cool it a bit before sticking this in the freezer to avoided elevating the temperature in the freezer, so I would at least let it cool a bit or stick it in a fridge for a little before putting this in the fridge. I don't have the exact time for how long to set this in the freezer because it really depends on how warm it was when you started, how much you freezer is packed, etc but I'd say overnight would be ideal. To get this to the freezer quick, you could put the mold in an ice bath to give a quick head start for the temperature to drop. Just avoid any water getting into the mold.

That is it!

Weather you have a popsicle mold that's collecting dust that you need an excuse to use, or an excuse to get one, this is easy enough and tasty enough you wouldnn't mind making over and over. If you don't want to get a mold, you probably can make do with something like a used and clean small yogurt cup (those single serving ones) and stick a Popsicle stick in it, though the diameter of it may make the setting take a little longer.

Enjoy!! Feel free to ask any question :)

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