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Commission : Film Strip Scarf

Phew!  This one was a little bit of a time-attack. I had this casually-ongoing red filmstrip scarf (because I always have one of these in progress), and on the 17th, one customer told me that she would like to have one by the 23rd. That gave me 3 days at most to finish the knitting part, and crochet around the border, which isn’t actually too much but considering the majorty of my usual knitting time is during the commute (about an hour there and back 3 times a week), it felt a little daunting. However, if you know me in person, nothing fires me up (in a good way) more than a challenge. So, with the agreement that she will do the blocking (washing/straightening) process herself, I agreed to finish and send it off by 20th evening.

Aaaaaaand here it is! Finished last night (18th) and it is on its way to the customer! I am super relieved. Phew! Hope she/he likes the scarf.

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