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Crafting saves my day

So, Sandy left New York with whole lot of water and no power. Fortunately our area did not get affected but power at work is down and subways aren’t working so my husband and I are basically stranded in Queens. But we have electricity, internet, heat, and no excess water than we normally have—our place is so normal I even feel bad that we have all those stuff while many people near us are having lots of trouble.  I really hope things will get fixed and get better soon.

Being a scaredy cat from birth and haven’t made too much progress in 30 years, crafting really helped me during the storm.  I made a huge head start on Christmas gifts and didn’t have to be extra scared or antsy the entire time the storm went through. I would have liked to do more spinning, but unfortunately my right thumb is still healing from the slicing caused by mandolin, and the wound is riiight on the area most used for spinning, I mostly stuck to sewing.

Crafting, seriously, is a necessity for me. I’m glad they exist.

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