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Four Years

I think its safe to say that almost all artists hate to see their old drawings. And there’s a good reason for it. And its a good thing too, cause it means you’ve improved and learned stuff.

I did an experiment… almost a self evaluation. I found one of my drawings that I must have been pretty proud of then, but nothing but a total sh*t and obviously wrong in many ways, and redrew it. And OH MY how terrified I was when I found this file. lol

The one on the left is 2006. I didn’t get around cleaning the lines but the red one on the right it what I did tonight. I still have lots to study on anatomy, and lots of other stuff to learn/study–but I’m going to look on the bright side and say ‘hey, its a bit better’.

It’s cool how big 4 years is.

Hopefully 4 years later, I will be able to shake my head and point out many errors in the drawing I did tonight.

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