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Free Pattern! "Candies and Butterflies" Super Girly Sleeves

I found a pattern for silk sleeves in a book and made one for myself, but totally screwed up on the seaming part, since it was knitted flat. I had been wanting to make something similar, but didn’t get a chance to because I couldn’t find a nice fluffy multi-color yarn. But one day I randomly went into a local (and favorite) yarn store and was looking at the yarn which is always displayed near the cashier, with a beautiful color swatch by its side. I felt almost stupid when I finally decided to get 2 skeins of them, after I’ve been looking at it for my past 5 visits or more, finally realizing that yarn was totally what I was looking for. ALCHEMY Migration; 30% Silk 70% Wool.  It wasn’t the weight I would have liked it in, but I didn’t care.  It was totally the kind of yarn worth altering the pattern for.

So here we go

The yarn I used was a fuzzy worsted weight (I was originally looking for mohair), but I’m assuming that if its fuzzy enough you can substitute it with DK, sport or even down to lace.  Just make sure you obtain the ‘openness’ of the fabric you like.

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