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Gallry, and on TV!

Hi all! So I do have some news, both pretty cool.

First of all, my piece that I submitted for Autodesk X Viz Media charity artbook “Art for Hope” is going to be exhibited in Las Vegas!  My friend Chris at Autodesk has posted an entry on the blog:

I’m not sure if I can make it to the show myself, but if you can, awesome!  Looks like our friend Phil Noto is involved in the event too.

Last I’ve heard the artbook itself will be available in December too, so I will post info again as I hear more!  My husband, and my good friend Holly will have their art in it too.

Secondly, The TV spot for Sweet ‘N Low that my husband directed the animation, and him, Patsy and yours truly animated, is on the air!  Media Post wrote an article on it too.

Boy that short was fun to work on, and we are really proud!  I hope you get to see them. Also featured here! and on Cold Hard Clash

I want to do more of those.  They’re so darn cute.

I worked on the second half of this one and the BG,

and some star trails, bg, and sugar packet.

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