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Introduction (old blog)

Hiya! So…here we go, my blog number….how many? I’ve been doing these half-hearted comics (used to call them “Half-A**ed Comic” but decided to go without the A-word) and have been posting them on FB.  Now that I have a couple and want to make a book–not just these  comics but something else–I though I should start a blog. These are NON-FICTION. Stuff that happened to me, stuff people said, whatever you see has actually happened. There may be some recurring characters, but since I am an animator, many times working from home, most of the comic will only have me (AZ) and my husband Brian. Some of these may be in Japanese, but when I get time and if it is translatable (some stuff just doesn’t translate well) I will translate them. Anyho, up to this point is basically an archive, but from here I will have some sort of consistency, haha. Please bear with me while I upload my old comics.


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