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More Needle Reviews

zSince I got curious finding out yarn and needle combinations, I decided to try out some more common needles. Right now I have four more updates—Susan Bates Silvalume Circular Knitting Needle (Metal) and Boye Aluminum Straights, Susan Bates Quicksilver Circular, and the Clover Soft-Touch Crochet Needles.

So here we go.

Susan Bates Silvalume Circular Knitting Needle (Metal) Overall, not bad.  Tips aren’t too blunt or too sharp, so not extra frustrating for minor decreases but it may bet a bit more tougher with k3togs.  It isn’t as slippery as other metal needles it seems, since the surface is slightly…textured? its not completely smooth.  Almost like somebody sanded it.  So I was ok, overall.  The one thing I don’t recommend though, is trying to use it for Magic Loop.  That slight angle at the end of the needle part before you get into the chord, is nothing but annoyance.  I was pretty pleased thinking “oh hey, this isn’t as bad, no wonder it’s been around forever” but when I got to the end of one side–“Dang” For knitting in circles though, I don’t see much problem.  Actually, if you don’t mind trying to squeeze the stitches onto the needle, it might even be useful since you’ll have less of  “OH C*AP I PULLED OUT THE WRONG NEEDLE!”…yea I’ve done that so many times.  But since I seem to not like anything that’s not streamlined, I’d rather take the risk than having to struggle every half round.  Also the cable itself is a lot stiffer than other circulars I have used, so I would be afraid of bending it too much.  But then again, circular needles are primarily for just–you know, knit-just-about-the-same-diameter-as-the-needle, so there’s nothing wrong with it, really. Boye Aluminum Straights I cannot deny that I didn’t like this at all.  But I like how it looks! haha.  I’ve seen them all over the place on displays and photos that I just had to try it.  But no…all I can say least for me, this is just an ornament needle that I’ll stick in a jar with pretty color ball of yarn and put it around the house (once I DO get a house).  Cute colors, yes, but blunt as bamboo (or even blunter), heavy, and the metal end is pretty and the size is clearly written, but it just adds weight.  Maybe the sorter ones may work better, but mine, 14″, definitely had more weight than I wanted. Well…I almost liked the accelerating swingy feel, where I feel more swing and less energy needed to move the needles up and down since the see-saw action of the tip and the end does it for me, but it doesn’t take too long till you decide the needle is too heavy.  Plus I wouldn’t like that if I’m knitting in public.  But this also has been around for a long time, so maybe I’m just missing a very legitimate advantage.

Clover Soft-Touch Crochet Needles This was the other

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