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PATTERN : “Fringy”

Woaaa…the last time I posted a pattern was November 2010 @_@ Ever since I started knitting sans patterns, I have been designing a bunch of stuff as I went but never got around actually building one. This one should be a reeeal quickie.

Before blocking, it was much thinner and felt pretty snug against my face. I liked the pre-blocked look better, but this work just fine too.

The lace pattern is pretty simple and easy to follow/memorize/read from the previous row. Since (though pretty big) it is a lace, if you try to use a multicolored yarn it will obscure it. I actually overdyed everything with light chestnut brown to bring down the contrast the yarn originally had.

As usual, when I add fringes I like to make them quite long. I don’t know why, but I like it that way.

Anyho, here it is! Instant gratification. I really want to make some handspun yarn to make another one of this.

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