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Thank You Scarf

Started: 4/7  Finish : 4/23

This scarf is for my sister!  The original pattern, Renewal Wrap is suppose to be a ‘wrap’ like its name, but since I had limited amount of time/yarn it became a scarf.

But oh man, FUN.  I had a couple of super simple stockinette projects with pretty hand-dyed yarn, but they are moving sooooooooo slowly since that brain-twisting tedious messiness of lace seems to be a perfect entertainment for a girl who decided to become an animator :P–I keep on working on the complex projects.

Back when I made these first lacy projects (green one was done in sport, purple in worsted),  I was too afraid of the lace that didn’t just go up vertically, but I’m glad I tried it this time.  Now I’m trying out lace in Fingerling and actual LACE weight yarn.  Let’s see how it goes.

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