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Food items only available within the state of NJ and for pickup or local delivery, due to Cottage Food License.

Dairy free friends, here is one fore you!
Although full disclaimer : These were made in my home kitchen where dairy exists, so if you are SENSITIVE TO EVEN A SPEC OF DAIRY, I cannot guarantee that this will be safe for you.  However, if you are somewhat intolerant or dairy free by choice, I confidently present to you these cookies that you won't be missing out anything by getting these over 'conventional' cookies. I used to make these for my then allergic to milk daughter. I use coconut oil instead of butter, so you will get a hint of coconut.


Minis and regular size cost the same, but the minis come in a multipack so its is roughly equivalent to regular size.  Minis design is random.


BLOOPS is my discounted cookies.  Either it cracked, some icing broke off, I found them my decorations were not as well done as I liked, but made with the same ingredients.  Designs will be random.

Dairy Free Cookies

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