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Food items only available within the state of NJ and for pickup or local delivery, due to Cottage Food License.


It’s called Noona because I made the first one for my daughter and she named her Noona.

I am making crocheted amigurumi dollies for all colors and size.
I do not make a pattern for these, as I chose to make these dollies all original, like every person in this world.
People can be thin, chubby, short, tall, in all colors and each shine in their own way.
If I haven’t made a certain color in certain body shape, it’s not because of bias, it is simply because I have not got around to making them yet.
I do not mean to make exclusively girl dolls, I would like to make any-gender dolls at one point.

Made with acrylic yarn. Can be hand washed very gently if necessary, but please air dry.

If you have a specific skin tone, hair tone, clothes color, or gender to customize to your liking, please feel free to message me for a for pricing and timeline.

Noona – Crocheted friend in every color

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