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Am I available for an order? The answer is likely YES.  However I am trying to sign up for

more fairs, festivals and farmer's market, so a week or so prior to that, or if I already have

a giant order I need to tackle, you will notice that I the calendar may show up as 'busy'.  Feel free to message me still, as it likely means I am not available to complete an order or schedule pickup for those days but I can still talk/design.

Cookies the way you Like.
Cookies the way you need.

I am a mother of two, one of them with some

severe food allergies, and with a husband with another set of severe food allergies.  I know how navigating food restrictions feel, and how people with allergies may feel left out in many occasions.

I should be able to accommodate most major allergens, so please send me a message to see what we can work out for options such as dairy free, egg free, nut free and gluten free.

Tell me what your 'safe ingredients' are so I can help!


Knitted Items

portrait illustrations

Portraits and Illustrations

crochet dolls

Crocheted Items


Embroidered Items

handwoven scarves

Woven Items

handspun yarn

Hand Spun Yarn

hair accessories

Various Accessories

Not just cookies!

This page is mainly my cookie store, but these are some other products and services

I offer.  Please check out my store at my website/online store and Etsy store.


Thanks for subscribing!

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Don’t expect a regular newsletter for me, but if you’re interested to get some updates,

please sign up here.  I’m saying like few emails a year if that, haha!

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