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Hey Azure, I have a question. On your last post, there’s some ribbing, and it’s looks ne

Hi Maddyknits!

I do have some suggestions.

What kind of cast-on are you using?  I usually use the long-tail, (I’m using the terms from this page) which many people use and some recommend to cast on with a needle two size larger so that the opening won’t be too taught.  I did this a few times because I was using a 100% alpaca (=lot less elasticity than wool) and got the stretch out look a little.  My solution was just casting on with the needle you’re using, just a little loose.

Single cast-on, or Backwards loop is the simplest looking but hard to make it look even so I never use unless I absolutely have to.

The other cast-on I use is Cable cast-on.  I like that one a lot too, and it gets pretty even so I’d try it out if you haven’t! 

Other than that, it is a basic thing and sorry if you know it already, but blocking will help. Loads.  Just soak that finished knits in warm water for 30mins+, squeeze out the water gently and dry flat, pinning the edges to the shape you want it to be.  Just a simple little thing that is also not so fun while waiting, but it makes a whole lot of difference, not only at the ribbing/rim but the stitches throughout the whole thing.

Hope this helps!

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