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Recipe : Toddler Food – Okonomi yaki

Toddler Food – The magic powder

I have been using this recipe post by Yuyu-ra on one of the biggest submission base recipe site Cookpad, of “Pancake mix” (from 3rd stage)

Ingredients are Flour 180g, Corn starch 3tbsp, sugar 1tbsp and aluminium free baking powder 1tbsp.  Yup just mix ‘em up.  Storing white powder in a ziplock bag always looks kida…y’know but whatever works.

This is like a super powder for me, as you can make a lot of things.  Pancakes and steamed buns are a good way to make anything a finger food.  Sweet or savory.  I use another recipe for the steamed buns, but for pancakes I mix around 2tbsp of this mix + 2tbsp (just 1:1 if you need to make more) of water or milk or broth depending on  whether its going to be sweet or savory, throw in the cooked meats/veggies/fruits and on the griddle it goes and cook like a pancake–once the one side is browned to your liking, flip it over and do the same.

I work full time and I don’t get much kitchen time, so I keep a bunch of cooked and chopped (or cut into sticks) meat and veggies/fruits for the kiddo in my freezer for when I have no time, so I throw whatever I feel that day in a jar, defrost, 2tbsp mix/2tbsp liquid and cook it on the frying pan, but you can totally boil or steam a little bit of produce/meat and throw them in.  The time this thing is on the frying pan probably won’t be long enough for the ingredients to cook down soft enough, so I would personally recommend cooking them beforehand, unless its something like bananas.

I use this a lot with my “okonomiyaki”, which is a japanese savory pancake.

Pork, cabbage, onion and carrots are probably the most standard, but honestly you can add anything.  Beef works good too.  When I do okonomiyaki, I tend to add a little fish/kelp broth for liquid, which give s a good additional flavor.  When grownups eat Okonomeyaki we tend to douse it with a dark “okonomi sauce” and mayo (Japanese mayo, which, I’m sorry but its one of the things I’m going to say it’s better than the ones in the US, ha!)  and sprinkle anonori (seaweed powder) and katsuobushi (shaved bonito).  Since we won’t be using or will be using only a little bit of sauce, a little broth will help it not be totally bland.

AONORI and KATSUOBUSHI (seaweed powder and shaved dried bonito) are ok to feed to toddlers if you know they’re not allergic, but depending on how large the shaved pieces are they may get a little clingy on the throat, so when I do add it I mix it in the mixture as oppose to sprinkling it on the top.  Aonori I just sprinkle, but if you don’t want a glitter-level mess on the table, you can sprinkle them on before you flip them over the first time.

This day I served it with baby miso soup, which is same as grownup miso soup but diluted and ingredients cooked down.  I shall post this recipe at another day.

There you go….your dinner option just expanded by like 30. 😉


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