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Stuff I have made for baby


  1. 3 hats (out of two handspun/hand dyed)

  2. 2 pairs of socks (one of them handspun/hand dyed)

  3. Cardigan

  4. a pair of mittens

  5. Sleep sack (in progress, may become a gift)


  1. Cotton Cardigan

  2. Bunch of Washcloth


  1. Baby Quilt

  2. a pair of mittens

  3. Bunch of Bibs

  4. Bunch of Burp cloths

  5. Bunch of Washcloths

  6. Nursing Cover

  7. Nursing pillow+Slip cover

  8. 2 Storage boxes for diaperstuff etc

  9. 1 Sleep sack, was going to make 2

  10. 1 Crib sheet, was going to make 2

  11. Security Blanket

  12. Quilted wall hanging

If I could have known the gender 100% and the size she’ll be I would have totally made some more, haha I’m not sure how long it will be till I can get back to crafting, but there will be lots! 🙂

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